Full title: Spectacular SPECTRE Stuntmen Shot On Social Media Suspended Over Square Sacrifice Standard Safety Setups & Solid Ground For Suspenseful Scary Spectacle Spending Several Seconds Spinning.

The production crew for the upcoming James Bond movie SPECTRE have been filming the Pre-Titles Sequence (or the bit before the dancing naked ladies, music, and trippy visuals) in Mexico City for the past two weeks. The scene involves James Bond (Daniel Craig) chasing Marco Sciarra (Alessandro Cremona) after a bomb goes off. The fight goes airborne in Sciarra's getaway chopper (piloted by Red Bull aviator Chuck Aaron) during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival with the stuntmen hanging out of the door.

Holy shit, this looks good. SPECTRE will be out "globally" November 6th. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more information on the filming of SPECTRE, and the James Bond films, novels, and beyond.

Images sourced from El Universal (header image) and Getty Images. Special thanks to Marcos Kontze of James Bond Brasil and Ron Milione for use of their Instagram videos.