A silver-birch 1964 Aston Martin DB5 in the hands of a private owner was involved in a crash with a Vauxhall Astra just outside of Manchester Airport on Tuesday. The car, valued at over Ā£1 million, was totaled.

Somewhere out there James Bond just got very mad, except rather than a megalomaniac hacker in the hills of Scotland being responsible for the death of the classic car like in 2012ā€™s Skyfall, a Vauxhall Astra is to blame.

I wrote awhile ago about how I had grown tired of seeing the fanfare for the DB5 and its effect on the James Bond franchise after itā€™s dramatic departure in Skyfall, but even I hate to see one go in such a way. The car is timeless and beautiful and deserves better.


It is unclear who is responsible for the collision, and details on the situation are scarce, but by the damage indicated in the photos it appears the car may have been hit from the left rear and spun into colliding with signage. Both the driver and his four year old son in the Aston were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.


As for the DB5, the police investigation declared it DOA, though Iā€™m sure Aston Martinā€™s skunk-works are entirely prepared to handle a full restoration, should the insurance-claim gods be willing to foot the bill. The carnage of a classic 1964 DB5 in James Bond spec is still worth a ridiculous value.

For a full album of photos from the accident (SFW) to depress you, head over to the Manchester Evening News site.

Photos via MGM/Sony & Eon Productions, and John Baxter; edited by the author. Check out BeyondJamesBond.kinja.com for everything James Bond.. and beyond.