There is a new Bond book. James Bond saves Stirling Moss in a Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. Pussy Galore is back. It is called Trigger Mortis. What more do you want?

With famous play-on-words titles like Live And Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me, and You Only Live Twice, Trigger Mortis, a play-on-words of rigor mortis, fits right into the Bond collection. Some fans are not taking too kindly to the title, saying it is too lame in comparison to Fleming’s creations. When you take into account the literal meaning “trigger of death,” as well as the fact that Fleming himself published something called Octopussy, I don’t think it is too lame at all.

Author Anthony Horowitz is taking bold moves with this novel, as the story is set just two weeks after the events of Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger novel, and features a return of the lesbian acrobat and gangster Pussy Galore. The novel also features a never-before-seen television treatment written by Ian Fleming himself, which opens the book and inspires Horowitz’s story. Never before has a continuation novel, which are Bond books commissioned by Ian Fleming’s publishers after his passing, dared to stage itself in the middle of Fleming’s series, opting instead to follow Fleming’s chronology. No previous continuation novel has used original Fleming material directly, and no novel has dared try to bring back such a large unique character as Pussy Galore from a Fleming book.


As I previously reported (in my first ever Kinja post), the novel opens with Bond in a race at the Nurburgring, defending Stirling Moss from a Russian plot to sabotage him. Today’s press release says Bond soon finds himself in a far larger race with implications that could change the world. The full release is quoted below.

Trigger Mortis is set in 1957, just two weeks after the events of Fleming’s 7th novel, Goldfinger. Horowitz places Bond in the middle of the Soviet-American Space Race as the United States prepares for a critical rocket launch, and brings back the most famous Bond Girl of all: trapeze artist turned gangster, Pussy Galore! As well as Pussy Galore, the book features a brand new Bond Girl Jeopardy Lane and a sadistic, scheming Korean adversary hell-bent on vengeance Jai Seung Sin, a.k.a Jason Sin. Uniquely among latter-day Bond authors, Horowitz has included original Ian Fleming material: a treatment for Murder on Wheels, an episode of a television series that was never made. Fleming’s text sees Bond in the high-octane world of motor racing and it is his never-used plot that kicks off the action of Trigger Mortis.


The book has a lot going for it - original Fleming material to draw from, one of the most iconic Bond girls to explore, the exciting setting of a Grand Prix race featuring Stirling Moss, and all based during the golden age of spy craft, the Cold War - not forgetting an otherwise fantastic author in Anthony Horowitz (script of the recent Sherlock Holmes books and the Alex Rider series). Following the previous attempts by continuation authors, who either failed at modernizing the Bond story, or managed to capture the atmosphere but ultimately missed the character, I really hope Mr. Horowitz manages to pull through.

The book will be published September 8th, and you can check out more information from the official website of Ian Fleming.

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