A garage fire at the Malibu home of former James Bond, current cool-guy Pierce Brosnan broke out two weeks ago, and it has now been revealed that the only victim of the fire was the actor's 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, which was part of about one million dollars in damage.

In the 2002 blockbuster film Die Another Day, then James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan is issued an Aston Martin "Vanish" full of gadgets and gizmos to help him defeat the (laughably dated, unfortunately comical) North Korean villain General Moon under guise as British billionaire Gustav Graves. The car is equipped with things like a passenger ejector seat, forward mounted machine shotguns with auto-aim assist (a.k.a. they shoot anything that moves), as well as a trunk full of grenades and grille full of rockets. Oh yea, it goes invisible, too, hence the "Vanish" moniker.

Aston Martin has essentially been synonymous with James Bond since Sean Connery first sat in a DB5 in 1965's Goldfinger, and the company often does whatever it can to keep up its whole suave British spy schtick. As a celebration of a return to Aston Martin for the Bond film series after a three film run of BMW's, the company gifted Pierce Brosnan a 2002 V12 Vanquish for personal use. Talk about a job with perks. It seems the actor managed to keep up with the car for thirteen years, until now.

Emergency crews responded to Brosnan's Malibu home after a desperate phone-call from the actor's wife. In the call she frantically urges the response units to hurry, worrying "There's a car in the garage. It's gonna explode!" Luckily for everyone involved, only the film cars featured more armament than North Korea, and the fire was extinguished in under an hour without too much trouble. It was initially unclear how much damage the fire caused, but estimates hover at about one million dollars and Pierce posted this somber image to his Instagram account just yesterday:

"All that remains...of a very great Aston Martin...she was a beauty...however, a car is just a car...a life, is a precious gift of Beauty and holiness..."

Since his time as the sexist, misogynist dinosaur the actor has done just fine, recently selling the new Sorento in a great Super Bowl ad. It's no Aston Martin, but I'm sure Kia has got your next ride covered, Pierce.


On a serious note I'm glad Mr. Brosnan and his family are safe. He has always come off as a genuinely good person, and out of six Bond actors, his portrayal always seemed to be having the most fun in his four films as the super spy.


Credit to The Daily News for information on the incident.

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