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SPECTRE Is Full Of Awesome Vehicles

There is a new trailer for SPECTRE, the upcoming Bond film, and it seems the quartermaster has been very busy arranging all sorts of vehicles for scenes from Mexico to Morocco, including planes, trains, and (mostly British) automobiles. Here is a handy breakdown with plenty of pretty pictures.

First off, the trailer is fantastic. I’ve come across many of these scenes many times, but I never saw them. We hear cues from the musical score for 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which has become the “cult classic” of the Bond movies (it’s also one of Matt Hardigree’s favorite Bond films, he’ll love this). SPECTRE will also be the first time since 1985 we see James don a white dinner jacket. Yes there are fans that are just as excited about that as you and I may be excited about a CX75 chasing a DB10 through Rome. We have the evil organization of all evil organizations, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., returning from a hiatus of 34 years now that the bald guy at the beginning of 1981’s For Your Eyes Only was finally confirmed as Blofeld just last week. Not to mention the trailer proudly shows off all the crazy stunt work and vehicular-mayhem we’ve come to know and love from the franchise. Let’s break that down:

T h e M o v i e S t a r s

Aston Martin DB10


James Bond is back in a brand new (and beautifully bespoke) Aston Martin. “0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.” The spy’s go-to British sports car manufacturer made 10 models of the DB10 just for filming and promotional material. The car will feature decently in the film, with a quick scene in London, and most of the heavy lifting in Rome, not too deep into the film. It may or may not have a few surprises for both Bond and the audience, as hinted at in the trailer. Also, the little “disappear” joke when Bond gets the DB10 from Q in the trailer seems to nod to Die Another Day’s Aston Martin “Vanish,” infamous for going completely invisible. It’s good to see them joking about it.

If you manage to ever come across a DB10 for sale, I would check for water damage. The rest of them are likely locked up for the car company and the huge collection Eon Productions keeps of their spy gear. Meanwhile I’m going to be looping that revealing shot of the DB10 from the trailer with it zooming through the Roman trees.

It’s good to be Bond.

Jaguar CX75


2002’s Bond flick Die Another Day featured an icy chase between Bond’s Aston Martin “Vanish” and a North Korean modded Jaguar XKR. Well the bad guy’s Jaaaaag is back, except less North Korean and with a hybrid-lacking, V8-screaming version of the automaker’s CX75 concept from a few years ago that seems to take flame surfacing to the extreme in the film. They say they are still not making a production run, but about a billion eyes on this car come this November when the film drops may change some minds. Color me most excited for this car chase over anything else from the film.

It’s good to be bad.

Chuck Aaron’s MBB Bo105 Helicopter


Chuck Aaron, the world-famous Red Bull aerobatic helicopter stunt pilot, stars in SPECTRE as some dude flying a military-disguised version of his famous Red Bull copter in the opening of the film. A similar model helicopter was blown up in the opening to 1985’s A View To A Kill.

Our introduction to this helicopter in the trailer is it doing a flippin’ barrel role. James Bond fights Sciarra [name suggests how evil he is] hanging out of the side while good ol’ Chuck flings them and a couple-thousand-pound spinning blade death machine around a flag pole and over a crowd of a thousand volunteer extras. Chuck Aaron is the only licensed and insured helicopter aerobatic stunt pilot in the US. SPECTRE has reportedly had problems with its ballooning budget; I bet at least half of the reported $300+ million budget went to insuring this stunt alone. Check out just how crazy this stunt will be for yourself:


It’s good to be Chuck.

T h e S u p p o r t i n g C a s t

Range Rover Sport SVR & Discovery


A modified Range Rover Sport SVR was used for filming some explosive scenes in the Austrian Alps. At least five Land Rover vehicles were stolen from the production before the crew began filming the scenes and had to be replaced. Real-bad guys steal film-bad guys’ cars. Meta.

Scenes shot recently in London featured a brand new Discovery, likely a vehicle used in the film by MI6 regulars Moneypenny, Bill Tanner, and/or “Q” for regular transport.


Land Rover Defender


James Bond says goodbye to the classic-style defender with these heavily modified editions named the “Bigfoot” and designed specifically by JLR for the same chase scenes in the Alps featuring the RR Sport SVR. The trucks sport 34-inch tires as well as other custom modifications. They were spotted filming (and exploding) at the start of production back in January.

“Land Rover. Above and Beyond.” Beyond James Bond.

Jaguar XJ8/XJR (Previous Generation)


Interestingly, a Jaguar XJ8 or XJR, which has been replaced by the new XJ since 2009, was spotted filming in London as Bond-boss M.’s personal car (as now played by Ralph Fiennes). In the last film, Skyfall, M. (played by Judi Dench before being replaced in film by Fiennes) was chauffeured in a new-generation XJ. A similar or maybe even the exact same XJ8/XJR was used as Mr. White’s personal car at the end of 2006’s Casino Royale; perhaps the Bond production is just getting its money’s worth out of a company car.

Aérospatiale SA 365 N2 Dauphin 2 Helicopter


The London filming for SPECTRE had Bond and bond-girl Madeleine Swann (played by Lea Seydoux) chasing a helicopter down the Thames River. The only scene in the trailer that is part of this sequence is the very last of Bond and Swann on the boat, as the VFX probably aren’t done quite yet due to these scenes wrapping just last month. The helicopter pictured above and used for filming, moniker G-LCPL, is the exact same Aérospatiale helicopter used in Jaguar’s “Good To Be Bad” Super Bowl campaign featuring Tom Hiddleston and a bunch of other typical baddie-actors. Apparently this G-LCPL has a monopoly on the British bad-guy helicopter market.


Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Airplane


The Austria sequence for SPECTRE featured at least nine Land Rover / Range Rover models in use for a large chase sequence through the Alps, except James Bond drove none of them. He was in an airplane, which he crashes into the cars to break up the convoy, and eventually slides down the slopes through an old house before shooting some baddies in the face and getting the girl (probably; she’s yelling at him in the trailer).


Military Spec Center-Console Boat


James Bond and Madeleine Swann chase down the “good to be bad” helicopter on the Thames River in London on a small center console style boat that looks to be in military or special forces spec. The exact ID of the model has yet to be identified, so if you know, let me know! An image posted to the 007 social media accounts show a collection of the small crafts in an enclosed harbor, likely located on the Thames. Research doesn’t indicate they are for police work, so perhaps the SPECTRE crew managed to gain access to a government or military facility on the river.

Give me a boat, a girl, and a handgun, and I’ll take down a helicopter.” -James Bond


Small London Police Speedboat


Some of the first scenes shot after production commenced back in December of 2014 were of Daniel Craig (Bond) and Rory Kinnear (returning as Tanner) being escorted down the Thames River in London, which is confusingly a different sequence from the one featuring the Bond girl and the helicopter chase. It is likely that, seeing as MI6 HQ was all but destroyed in Skyfall, Bond is being escorted to a new location somewhere along the River to get scolded by M. and apparently from the trailer, get himself a shiny new DB10 as consolation.

This scene is also interesting in that it recalls back to when Daniel Craig was introduced as the new James Bond back in 2005. The producers had him escorted down the Thames on similar speedboats for the press, except he was laughed at globally for wearing a life vest. Not a great introduction to the deadliest spy there is.


Left: Daniel riding bitch for the Marines, 2005. Right: “...” 2015.

There’s no life vest this time.

Moroccan Passenger Train


Daniel Craig’s James Bond rips open the train with a digger, Skyfall 2012.

SPECTRE will be the second consecutive Bond film to feature a sequence on a train. The previous one in 2012’s Skyfall opened the film with Bond chasing a baddie, and ultimately being shot off of it on a bridge. This new scene promises to be less spectacular, as the train simply serves as transport for the spy and his Bond-lady Madeleine Swann as they cross the desert. Don’t count on it being too uneventful, though. You know how Bond is when he gets around modes of transport.

T h e E x t r a s

Rolls Royce Phantom


The most recent public filming for SPECTRE gave fans the first glimpse at Christoph Waltz in character as Franz Oberhauser, arriving to the shooting location on the Thames River, where the Aérospatiale helicopter awaited.


At first it seemed like the production had their evil star chauffeured to the shooting location before filming, arriving in a dark green Rolls Royce Phantom, chatting with director Sam Mendes, and then boarding the helicopter. However, the chauffeur of the car is in fact a Bond franchise regular, Stunt Coordinator Paul Weston who has worked on big franchises like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the Alien franchise, as well as multiple Bond films starting with 1967’s You Only Live Twice. Dressed as the chauffeur for Mr. Oberhauser, it is likely a cameo appearance for Weston, and the Phantom will indeed be used in the film for the bad guy’s arrival to his bad-guy helicopter’s landing pad in London.

If you have the time, there’s a great documentary on the Bond stunt doubles, including Weston, on YouTube.


Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche...


A scene included in every trailer for SPECTRE shows a meeting, likely of the actual S.P.E.C.T.R.E. organization, which Bond seems to disrupt. When filming this scene at Blenheim Palace in the UK (doubling for Rome), the production brought in dozens of luxury and super cars for the meeting of government and business people of influence. You can go through the spy shots of filming and play the naming game where I originally posted about this scene.

And yes, that is a Jaguar CX75 parked next to a Bugatti EB-110 behind an Aston Martin DB10 doing J-Turns. Jalopnik film of the year? Jalopnik film of the year.


T h e C r e w

Lotus Evora S


When the production of SPECTRE was shooting the exciting chase between the DB10 and CX75, the Roman police decided to show off a little by having their Lotus Evora S in police livery show up to keep control of the situation. I doubt that it ends up on screen, but it’s nice to know all the Brits made it to the set.

Toyota Tundra TRAX


While I’m sure Land Rover would have loved to provide a few extra modified Defenders to help shoot the scenes in the Alps, the production instead went balls-out with a Toyota Tundra modified to be a tank with a truck bed, which I covered back when they were still filming these scenes. The truck is owned by Performance Filmworks, Inc. and if Ken Block’s crazy Raptor on a similar TRAX setup is anything to go by, somebody had some fun shooting these scenes.


Mercedes Benz ML55 & ML63 Camera Cars


The stunt crews also used a few Mercedes Benz SUV’s with state of the art camera setups to do chase filming in Austria, Rome, and London. More gadget-laden than even a Bond car, these things are works of mechanical art. The ML63 can even be mounted with dual camera rigs at once. Crazy:


To sum it up, SPECTRE is the end-all-be-all of dream garages. Two supercars, two helicopters, an airplane, a Rolls, and a triad of ridiculous camera cars to capture all the fun you’re having. If Jalopnik handed out an award for the most Jalop film of the year, I’d have to say SPECTRE far and away steals the show. I’ll leave the awards for Matt or Patrick to hand out at the 3rd annual Jalopnik Film Festival.


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