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[Update] The Aston Martin DB10 & Jaguar CX-75 Are The New Gladiators Of Rome

Just as it was once soldiers and lions in the Colosseum, it is now spies and Jaguars in the streets of Rome as Spectre, the 24th film in the James Bond franchise, shoots its ridiculous car chase featuring the bespoke Aston Martin DB10 against the be-nope Jaguar CX-75.

Warning: This article is ripe with social media photos & video, for your enjoyment.


For about the past week you could be walking down a cobble street in Rome and suddenly be ambushed by a mob of cell-phone-journalists and rude British people shouting and for once not just be Kate Middleton. A silver -omitted- shaped car and an orange alien shaped car, both with what look like go-karts strapped to the top, would race by you faster than you could start a Vespa and cut off oncoming traffic. This is the "set" of the action packed supercar chase in the upcoming Bond film, Spectre.


The go-kart like cages on top of the vehicles are designed for a stunt driver to operate the vehicle while a camera films the lead actors in the car. It allows for a convincing closeup of the actor, who can realistically react to the inputs of the vehicle and its course while not relying on tedious training to do the driving themselves, not to mention avoiding an increased risk of damaging the vehicles and the millions of dollars worth of human merchandise inside.


The close-ups for the car chase took place on the 23rd, featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond in the Aston Martin DB10 stunt vehicle, and actor Dave Bautista as the henchman Hinx in the Jaguar CX-75 stunt vehicle. The following day, filming of the vehicles themselves sans lead actors took place:


Pictured: I now understand the concept behind a 20-year high-interest loan and also the concept of loan default. Yolo.

We know ten of the Aston Martin DB10 models have been built specifically for the film, and from set photos there are at least four Jaguar CX-75 models available. The car chase will traverse the streets of Rome making sure to pass many of the city's ancient landmarks, even entering the Vatican Square before ending near the Tiber River. Filming preparations for the finale of the chase were caught on video earlier this week, including an Aston Martin Vantage, which is likely only being used to test the dynamics of the DB10, as the cars share a similar platform:

With the chase taking place at night the bridge area had to be rigged with all-new lighting to accommodate the shoot, and a cleaning crew was tasked with removing hundreds of feet of graffiti from the walls before the city allowed filming.


A map of the car chase was found in the street by a fan, likely blown away by the fire breathing exhaust of a supercar, featuring specific details of the chase and how it will navigate through the city:


The members over at MI6 Community were able to make out some of the points on the map -

  1. Chase begins at "Palazi" (likely the scenes filmed in the UK earlier this month)
  2. "Machine Gun" - if you want to know more, click here
  3. "Phone" - and this is when Hinx shows up in the Jaguar
  4. Car jumps down
  5. "Fiat" - remember this?
  6. Second phone call
  7. Vatican entrance
  8. Steps
  9. Wall ride - see above
  10. Rise and ambush
  11. Crash and parachute onto bridge

The crew will spend the rest of the month finishing up their work in Rome before moving to Mexico City to film the action-packed opening of the film. If you would like to see over a hundred photos of Spectre filming in Rome (the answer is yes), check out the James Bond Brasil galleries (where I sourced the photos for this article) here, here, and here, and h/t to the members of MI6 Community for stalking scouring Twitter and Instagram for all the content featured above



New videos of the cars racing through the streets have shown up. You may have been willing to see this movie already, but this is what you want to spend your money on:


The film is set to be released globally November 6th of this year, and will feature Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Naomi Harris, Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci, and Lea Seydoux. Considering all the Jaguar, Land Rover, and Aston Martin products included in the film, the stars seem more like the awkward dolls on top of what is an amazing display of automobiles that is a delicious wedding cake.


Bond films are great fun to watch, but a Bond production is even greater fun to follow. I leave you with this moody video of the gladiators at battle:


Be sure to check out Beyond James Bond for everything James Bond on the Kinja network, as well as the most up to date look at the upcoming film, Spectre.

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