The video by user kristo499 on YouTube is a near brick-for-brick remake of the new Bond flick trailer for SPECTRE. The channel hosts a whole gallery of excellent LEGO remakes of all sorts of content, so be sure to check them out. Below is the original Teaser video for comparison.

“You’re a brick floating in a bathtub, Mr. Bond.”

There was also a really awesome LEGO Casino Royale opening by Bricktease a few years ago. This really makes me wonder why LEGO and Eon Productions, the company behind the rights to James Bond, have never gotten together on a group of awesome sets. Artist Jeff Chapman put together some great concepts featuring scenes from many of the James Bond films, though unfortunately they were never produced:


You can check out more at Jeff’s deviantart page.

Considering all the major action set pieces SPECTRE will be providing, including a fistfight on an out-of-control helicopter in Mexico, a plane-car chase in Austria, and a car chase through Rome, I’m sure LEGO and the Bond team could get something great going. The film will be in theaters globally on November 6th.


Top image contains screenshots taken by me from both the LEGO and normal teaser for comparison. All other work featured is credited to their creators.

What LEGO James Bond sets would you love to see?