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SPECTRE, the next James Bond film, is quickly shaping up to be the most extravagant mind-blowing experience of our lives. Buckle up, because I've got a lot of Bond-related car news for you. And move over The Spy Who Loved Me, SPECTRE just might become The Greatest Car Movie Of All Time.


First things first,

I'm the realest. Wait, no..

Autocar is reporting that the presumed-dead-since-2012 Jaguar C-X75 concept is making a kick-ass killer comeback in the 25th Bond film, SPECTRE, ditching its lame hybrid-mumbo-jumbo for a supercharged 5.0L V8. Not only that, but some baddie will be piloting this thing against the brand new, bespoke-for-Bond Aston Martin DB10, which is most likely going to be bling-blinged out with Q-gadgets. All of this culminating in one or more chases through the streets of Rome, somehow involving a car going into a river, somebody parachuting in, and a helicopter rescue.

Yes. So much yes.

Jaguar-Land Rover haven't confirmed exactly which vehicles will be featuring in the next Bond film, but we can expect to have an announcement from them early next year. Interestingly, they didn't deny the C-X75 rumors. Of course this move would fit perfectly with Jaguar's recent "Good To Be Bad" campaign, heavily featuring the F-Type along with a host of famed British baddies. Autocar were keen to recognize that the official 007 Twitter account used the hashtag "Good To Be Bond" when it unveiled the DB10 to the World, perhaps as a subtle nod to this secret deal with Jaguar and their slogan.


The most recent group of Bond films have made decent use of the Jaguar-Land Rover brand, most notably in 2002's Die Another Day, with the villain Zao giving an icy chase in a XKR against Bond's "Vanish" Vanquish. It's okay if you forgot that scene, or even that movie. We've all tried to. Perhaps SPECTRE will feature a rematch?


In other news...

The Top Gear news site got a great interview with the Aston Martin head of design Marek Reichman about his work on the all-new DB10. He says that it was clear from the beginning of his talks with the Bond team that they wanted a re-interpreted DB5, but more in spirit and not design.

"We don't do retro design. Sam [Mendes] said, 'We don't want a parody, otherwise why not just get an original DB5?' This had to be modern and unique, the future generation of what the DB5 was..."


Director Sam Mendes wanted a modern poster-car a 12-year old would hang up on the wall, like the DB5 was to him as a kid. When asked if they had any plans to equip the new DB10 with any similar gadgetry as Goldfinger's famous DB5, Reichman responded

"...maybe there's something there you won't expect. We want to focus on what James Bond's hands are doing. That may give you a hint... When the car was unveiled by Sam, it was introduced as 'the first member of the cast'. It has a big part to play in the story. It's going to do some things you might not expect."


Reichman says that Bond and the car share a relationship, and not one that he would share with a Bond girl. Whatever they have planed for James Bond's hands in that car, they're making it seem like it will be more than just shooting a gun. As to what though, I haven't the slightest clue. A fist fight while at high speeds? Will the car have a personality, perhaps some form of artificial intelligence? James Bond creator Ian Fleming was the creator of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, so perhaps a car with personality isn't too out of the question. I wrote previously on how I thought the Bond crew might be trying to recreate the submarine car from The Spy Who Loved Me, but I'm not exactly.. wait for it.. holding my breath.


SPECTRE began filming Monday, December 8th, and has a planned release date of November 6th, 2015. Confirmed locations for filming include Mexico City, Morocco, Rome, Austria, and London. This will be the 25th official Eon Productions Bond film, and Daniel Craig's 4th film as the secret agent. The film is said to wrap up all the loose ends of Bond's lover Vesper Lynd's death in Casino Royale, the lingering Quantum organization from Quantum of Solace, and the continuing effects of the events featuring in Skyfall.


So what do you think James will be doing with his hands in the DB10? How excited are you to see the C-X75 back from the dead with a supercharged V8 vengeance?


Justin Westbrook is a 20-year-old General Manager of a Jimmy John's sub shop in North Carolina, and spends his spare time watching James Bond movies, trying to be serious about going to college, and now has to worry about his parents reading these articles.

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